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PhoenixChain is the DeFi network that foccuss on building our DeFi needing. is provided for PhoenixChain (Blockchain) truly aimed on the others project would join us on our DeFi network.

About Phoenix

The main idea behind PhoenixChain is to provide Decentralized Finance network, which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). The path forward for PCN is not just a token but we evolve into a coin, Building our independent own ecosystems.

PhoenixChain Ecosystem

The PhoenixChain Tokenomics is just a simple as a Coin there is no any functional taxfee. Focussing on the real altcoin and building our own blockchain / ecosystem.


Any transactions on our own blockchain is fast and enough to face the other blockchain up to 60 seconds for transaction.


Our blockchain system is secure. backed up with big and speed server which is placed on big cities so electricity is secure also.


Transaction fees on our own blockchain is low fee, lower and cheapers than the others blockchain. with Our Phoenix Blockchain Technology

Token Allocation

Our Product

We have a lot of powerful service that you can get. Check for more of our available services in our product.

The Cryptyocurrencies is our future. They will replace the othert assets once time.

Galih S. - CTO


What we’ll be up to in 2021

Phase 1

– Research ICO projects and share it with PCN community community
– Write the PCN white paper
– Grow the PCN community to 100+ members
– Deploy collective community ICO buying strategy
– Research the PCN protocol
– Prototype Creation of the PCN Protocol
– Designing the PCN Governed Liquidity Protocol
– Create the PCN Defi Token with the PCN community developers
– Build website / Social media setup

Phase 2

– Launch a Pre-sale for 2 month or one month and half
– Deploy smart contract
– Deploy PCN BNB Reward Mechanism
– Activate the PCN Marketing Machine
– PCN Defi Token launch
– Release the PCN Token audit
– Recruitement process opening for full time researchers
– PCN Reward Mechanism launch
– Listing on various small exchanges
– Listing PCN in Pancake Swap
– Distribution token for Pre-sale investor

Phase 3

– Listed on XTcom
– Re-Design website
– Listed on Coingecko
– Listed on Coinmarketcap
– Educational Content & Consulting
– Ecosystem partnership of PCN
– Proceeding our legality company

Phase 4

– Deploying the PCN DAPP
– Launching the first PCN wallet project
– Auditing and stress-testing the PCN swap platform
– Launch the PCN Exchange
– Research the Big PCN approved project
– Deploying the PCN NFT Marketplace
– Launch the PCN NFT Marketplace
– Tier 3 exchange listing
– Migrate & Crossing chain on PhoenixChain ( The new Blockchain )

Our Team

Mikael Yanuar




Aryan Teseen


Aiman Astra


Norman Sugiyanto


Grace F.


Manage Everything in Your Hand

Its main goal is to our investors to a whole new lifestyle which their can earn an unlimited passive income without doing anything!

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